Fully managed third-party risk and data leak detection

Whether you're scaling your third-party risk program, or want to prevent data breaches, do it all with our team of expert analysts and AI-assisted platform which manages your vendor risks and continuously monitors your organization for data leaks.
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Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide
Trusted by hundreds of companies
Trusted by hundreds of companies

Prevent first and third-party data breaches, fully manage vendor risk, and efficiently scale your team

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Managed services for third-party risk

Relieve the burden of running your third-party risk management program with our team of expert third-party risk analysts. Right from within the UpGuard platform, you can click a button to request a risk assessment, chase a vendor for evidence, or ask us to manage the remediation process for you. We can just manage your critical vendors, or fully manage the TPRM process for all your vendors. It's easy and flexible.
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Protect your brand and intellectual property with data leak detection

Continuously monitor your organization and your third-party vendors for data leaks. Be instantly notified when data leaks are detected, and get expert help to prioritize and remediate any exposures. Our AI-assisted engine and team of world-class researchers work tirelessly to monitor the surface, deep and dark web for your sensitive data.
UpGuard’s data breach research team is directly responsible for securing hundreds of millions of records.
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Use data to optimize your risk management processes

Simplify and accelerate your risk management processes by using real-time data and flexible workflows. Our powerful dashboard allows you to track the progress of your UpGuard analysts, and know exactly when risks are remediated. Using UpGuard’s platform means less email, fewer spreadsheets, and more time for your team to focus on improving your security posture.
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Third-party risk management that scales with you

Easily add the number of vendors you want to assess without having to adjust your team size. Let us manage your critical vendors and use our platform to manage the rest. Ensure consistency and accuracy of assessments with best practices through our Third-Party Risk Management Services.
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Detect leaks from hundreds of sources with one platform

Use one integrated platform to monitor for a range of exposed credentials and filetypes. Our platform looks at online file stores, databases, CDNs, document sharing sites, paste sites, and online code repositories like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.
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Security expertise you can rely on

You can rely on us to keep your organization secure. But don’t just take our word for it, our security research has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Gizmodo, Engadget, Forbes, ZDNet, and The Guardian.
Pollinate benchmarks their cybersecurity performance using UpGuard
If a vendor score drops below 600, we know there is a security issue with that vendor and we work with them to remediate that.
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Jim Hart
Jim Hart
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Security and compliance at the core

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Comprehensive security

Security is everything at UpGuard. We invest heavily in securing our infrastructure with our own technology and employ world-class security experts so you don’t have to.
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    You can rely on our security engine. It already operates at significant scale. Processing over 800 billion data points each day.
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    We’re ready to scale with you. UpGuard is directly responsible for securing over 1.9 billion records from companies like Amazon Web Services, Attunity, Facebook, GoDaddy, and Verizon.
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Rigorous compliance

Your data is safe with us. UpGuard’s platform follows industry best practices and has robust security controls built-in.
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    Integrate UpGuard with your SSO provider. Think Microsoft Azure, Okta, Ping Identity, and more.
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    Fine-grained access control and individual user accounts.
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    Comprehensive collaboration notes to ensure auditability.
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A deep dive into the managed security services stack


Evidence chasing
Vendor registration
Instantly request a new vendor risk assessment.
Vendor classification
Easily classify your vendors by risk criticality.
Vendor administration
Track the progress of vendor risk assessments.
Questionnaire selection
A library of powerful security questionnaires.
Response validation
Receive validated questionnaire responses.
Data protection
Data leak detection
Detect sensitive data exposed publicly.
Vendor data leak detection
Detect sensitive data exposed by your vendors.

Assess and remediate

Risk assessment
Managed risk assessment
Fully managed vendor risk assessments/remediation.
Questionnaire analysis
Analyzed and quantified risks from questionnaires.
Vendor security ratings
Instantly understand your vendor's security ratings.
Vendor data leak assessment
One-time data leak search to detect exposed data.
Additional evidence analysis
Analysis of public security documents.
Risk remediation
Remediation planning
Risk mitigation plan for identified risks.
Remediation tracking
Track progress of the mitigation efforts.
Managed remediation
Our analysts work with vendors for risk remediation.
Close data leaks
Get help from our analysts in closing detected leaks.


Reporting and insights
Executive reporting
In-built executive reports for the Board and C-Suite.
Business operations
Roles and permissions
Tailor access for your team to protect sensitive info.
Account security
Support for Azure, Okta, Ping Identity and more.
Collaboration notes
Attach notes and info for your teammates.
Documents and contacts
Capture contact details and store relevant documents.
Audit log
Keep track of important events and users.
Third-party integrations
UpGuard API
Access your account programmatically.
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UpGuard CyberResearch Datasheet

UpGuard CyberResearch scales your third-party risk program, and continuously monitors your organisation and your vendors for data leaks.
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    Key features and benefits of UpGuard CyberResearch
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    More info on UpGuard CyberResearch and UpGuard
UpGuard Product Datasheet
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Easy to implement, use, and a great return on investment
UpGuard has given us a view of our vendors security posture. The ability to launch a questionnaire or ask for a plan of remediation for items that show as vulnerable is also a great added value and a time saver.
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Manager, Information Assurance
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Free instant security score

How secure is your organization?

Request a free cybersecurity report to discover key risks on your website, email, network, and brand.
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    Instant insights you can act on immediately
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    Hundreds of risk factors including email security, SSL, DNS health, open ports and common vulnerabilities
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